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Travel Update: A reduced train service is in operation today. We are planning to restore our full train service from Tuesday 24 January 2017.


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National Rail passenger survey results

Our NRPS results for Autumn 2015 for Southern Railway are below:

Indicators Score %
Overall satisfaction with your journey 78
Overall satisfaction with the station 74
Ticket buying facilities 67
Provision of information about train times/platforms 77
The upkeep/repair of the station buildings/platforms 66
Cleanliness 73
The facilities and services 53
The attitudes and helpfulness of the staff 68
Connections with other forms of public transport 75
Facilities for car parking 45
Overall environment 64
Your personal security whilst using the station 67
The availability of staff 58
The provision of shelter facilities 66
Availability of seating 37
How request to station staff was handled 83
The choice of shops/eating/drinking facilities available 45
Overall satisfaction with the train 80
The frequency of the trains on that route 71
Punctuality/reliability (i.e. the train arriving/departing on time) 65
The length of time the journey was scheduled to take (speed) 76
Connections with other train services 70
The value for money of the price of your ticket 41
Upkeep and repair of the train 75
The provision of information during the journey 73
The helpfulness and attitude of staff on train 55
The space for luggage 42
The toilet facilities 41
Sufficient room for all passengers to sit/stand 59
The comfort of the seating area 69
The ease of being able to get on and off 76
Your personal security on board 75
The cleanliness of the inside 75
The cleanliness of the outside 77
The availability of staff 35
How well train company deals with delays 31