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Delays between Barnham and Brighton due to passengers causing a disturbance on a train / Delays between Fareham and Southampton Central / Engineering work this Christmas and New Year - follow the link on our home page.


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Passenger information

Key policies and documents

Going a step further in keeping our passengers informed of our commitments, we are pleased to provide on our website the full text of the Southern's Passenger's Charter, Performance Statistics which we publish on a four weekly basis as well as the Railway Byelaws document. We hope this information which is also available at all our staffed stations, will help our passengers in their travelling experience with Southern.

Photography at Southern stations

As a general rule members of the public are free to take photos of our trains and the stations we manage and are welcome to do so. If any of our employees are likely to feature in your pictures we'd appreciate you asking for their permission whenever possible.

We ask that photographers only go onto areas that are open to the general public and don't cause an obstruction to passengers or staff. And ideally we ask that photographers taking more than just a few 'snapshots' seek permission from us prior to taking photos, however we realise this is not always possible in practice.

We must also stress that flash photography must not to be used as this can be a distraction for train drivers.

Our local station staff occasionally may ask photographers not to take pictures and move to another part of the station or leave the station. We'll always explain why this is necessary. And if this does happen please understand that our staff have many things to consider including safety and security of all passengers and so will use their judgement in this regard.

Permission should be sought for any photographs taken of our trains and property for publication purposes. Enthusiast photographers can take photographs at stations for private purposes, provided they are not sold except to enthusiast magazines.

Finally along with all operators Southern supports the Guidelines for Rail Enthusiasts which help remind enthusiasts of their responsibilities when visiting stations.

Guidelines for Rail Enthusiasts