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Frequently asked questions

How have you communicated the cycle policy?

We’ve done our best to communicate the policy as comprehensively as possible. This includes updating posters at stations, updating our website and making automated announcements at stations.

What do we mean by folding cycle?

A folding cycle is one that has small wheels and folds in more than one place to become a compact item (roughly the size of a briefcase) that can be carried. These should be folded prior to entering the station and carried on to the train.

What type of folding cycle will we accept?

While we intended folding cycles to be ones that can be folded more than once to be roughly the size of a briefcase, we do realise that some passengers have purchased larger cycles with a single folding point. Provided that these are folded prior to entering the station and that they can easily be carried onto the train, we will accept such cycles at present.

Can I take my cycle on a peak time train if I am not going as far as London, Kensington Olympia or Brighton?

The restrictions that are in place apply to services based on their arrival or departure times at/from London Bridge, London Victoria, Kensington Olympia and Brighton and the restrictions apply to journeys across the network with the exception of areas shaded green on the map and to journeys wholly within these areas.

If I join a train at a station in the green zone, how far can I continue?

If you join a service which is in the green zone during peak times, then peak restrictions apply beyond that zone. Therefore you will be required to leave the train at the last station within the green zone.

Can I take my cycle on a peak time train if it is not going to London, Kensington Olympia or Brighton?

Yes, if the peak train you wish to travel on is going in the opposite direction from the cycle restrictions then you can take your cycle provided there is space on the train.

I need to take my cycle on the train, as I use it to continue my journey at the other end.

If you need to use your cycle at the other end of the journey please consider the following:

  • Using a folding cycle
  • Re-thinking your journey
  • Travelling earlier or later to avoid peak times
  • Using two ceitycles (and keeping one at her end)
  • Santander Cycles is London's self-service bike-sharing scheme for short journeys. For more information visit

You have plenty of space designated for wheelchair users, why can't I use it for my cycle?

This space is required as extra seating or standing room during busy peak periods if there are no wheelchair users.

Are Southern responsible for my cycle if I use a station shelter with CCTV?

No, cycles are left at the owners’ risk, although we work to provide safe and secure cycle storage facilities.