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Your safety

Your safety and security is of the utmost importance to us and we want to ensure you stay safe whenever you travel on our network.  

Here are a few simple tips to help make your journey with us a safe and pleasant one.  

At our stations        

  • Give yourself plenty of time to catch your train
  • Do not run, especially on stairs and escalators
  • Use hand rails where they are provided
  • Do not leave parcels or luggage lying unattended
  • Do not cycle, skateboard or rollerblade in stations or on railway property

On the platform

  • Make sure you and any children stand well back from the platform edge
  • If the platform is busy please move along to an area where there is more space available
  • Please be aware that non-stopping trains may pass through the station at speed
  • Apply brakes to prams and buggies

Getting on and off the train

  • Get to your platform in plenty of time before your train is due to depart
  • Let passengers off before you board
  • Do NOT attempt to board or alight when the door-close alarm sounds (a high-pitched beeping noise)
  • Mind the gap when boarding and alighting– platform heights can vary from station to station
  • Take extra care with prams and pushchairs on trains when boarding and alighting. Ask for our help!

When you’re on the train

  • Store luggage securely – either in the overhead shelf or in the racks where they are provided within coaches
  • Do not allow luggage to block the aisle
  • Do not obstruct train doors
  • Familiarise yourself with the safety notices on board each coach

Keeping your children safe

  • Fold pushchairs to avoid accidents on escalators and stairs. Make use of lifts where they are available
  • Help children on and off trains
  • Take care with prams and pushchairs when boarding and alighting trains
  • Please apply brakes to prams, pushchairs and wheelchairs on platforms when waiting for your train

Using the escalators

  • Pushchairs should be folded and carried
  • Station lifts should be used to carry any heavy luggage ,prams, bikes, dogs etc
  • Never attempt to take luggage trolleys on the escalators

Stand on the right hand side and hold the handrail