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Haywards Heath station regeneration

Haywards Heath station regenerationSolum Regeneration, a partnership between Network Rail and Kier, are working closely with Southern to implement a £35 million regeneration of Hayward Heath Station Quarter.

The scheme is due for completion late 2016, and will deliver major benefits for passengers and station users including,

  • The existing car park will be replaced by a new Multi Storey Car Park – completion November 2015 – providing a grand total 1057 spaces, of which 230 are additional to the current volume. 
  • A new footbridge linking the car park with all platforms - late 2016
  • Improved station interchange and reduced congestion at Clair Road/Perrymount Road
  • A new Waitrose Supermarket

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If you would like to receive updates about the Haywards Heath station regeneration please sign up here. 

Register for Haywards Heath updates

Multi Storey Car Park & Footbridge

  • A new Multi Storey Car Park - this will provide a total of 1057 spaces
  • A fully accessible lift to all floors
  • Increased accessible parking – increased from 7 at present to 9 on completion of the car park November 2015
  • Direct access from car park via a new footbridge to all station platforms
  • A new entrance at Boltro Road
  • Completion: Car Park November 2015, footbridge late 2016
  • Improved CCTV coverage
  • Additional Ticket Vending Machines that will also dispense car park ticket machines.(Existing Web app ticketing will continue)
  • Customer Information screens throughout car park

Waitrose supermarket

A new Waitrose supermarket and shoppers car park adjacent to the station – works underway, completion date to be advised.

Station operation during construction

Major changes to station car park - from late July 2015

From 01 August there will be further changes to parking arrangements at Haywards Heath, involving:

  • Closure of the main car park as the second phase of the multi storey car park opens – from 01 August 
  • Changes to ‘Blue Badge’ parking from 01 August
  • Relocation of ‘Prestige’ (reserved parking) from 01 August
  • Temporary closure of Cycle Hub and relocation of cycle racks – from 20th to 31 July
  • Relocation of motorcycle parking from 01 August

Main Car Park relocation to Multi storey car park

From 01 August 2015 the remainder of the existing car park at Haywards Heath station will close. From this date, we are pleased to advise that parking will be relocated to the new multi storey car park as marked in the diagram below.

Location of new multi storey car park

‘Blue Badge’ parking bays

From 01 August there will be changes to the location of the ‘Blue badge’ parking spaces due to the ongoing regeneration of the station affecting the main car park. From this date, ‘Blue Badge’ parking will be relocated from the main car park to the station forecourt. In addition to the two existing bays at the front of the station, two additional bays will be provided on the forecourt as marked on the diagram below.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the temporary reduction in spaces during this phase. Marshalls are available within the car park to provide any assistance required.

Blue Badge spaces

Prestige (reserved) parking bays at Haywards Heath

From 01 August, all Prestige (reserved) parking will be relocated to the ground floor of the new multi storey car park as indicated in green on the diagram below.

Allocated space numbers will change from this date. Prestige pass holders will be individually advised of their new space number. Leaflets will also be provided at the station.

Ground floor of multi storey car park (Prestige bays marked in green)

These designated bays must only be used by those holding Prestige passes . Unauthorised parking may result in the issue of penalty charge notices.

Cycle Hub and Cycle Racks:

From 20 to 31 July, the existing Cycle Hub will progressively be closed. During this period, all cycle parking will be relocated to the ground floor of the new multi storey car park as marked in blue on the diagram below.

The racks will be available on a 'first come, first served' basis. We will be contacting customers who have paid to use the Cycle Hub regarding their subscription. A new Cycle Hub will be provided in November 2015.

Motorcycle Parking:

From 01 August 2015, the motorcycle parking will be located adjacent to the multi storey car park as marked in blue on the diagram below.

Cycle and motorcycle spaces 

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by these changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the construction impact on the train service or station opening hours?
Haywards Heath station will remain open throughout the building works and we are working closely with Solum/BAM Construction to deliver these improvements whilst minimising the impact on station users.

What impact will the project have on the number of car park spaces?
Haywards Heath station regenerationWhereas the scheme will deliver 230 additional spaces, during the construction phases there will be an impact on the car park layout and number of spaces available. For any changes, please look out for station posters and leaflets. We will also ensure updates are posted on this web page.

29th April changes

What assistance is available to help me find a space?
We are providing Car Park Marshalls during morning and evening peaks to direct passengers to available spaces, so please don’t hesitate to ask them for further information.

Haywards Heath station regeneration

I’ve noticed that Boltro Road entrance and the subway is closed – can you tell me more why this is?
From Sunday 23 March 2015, the Boltro Road entrance and subway has been closed. The reason the subway and entrance has been closed is to enable construction of the pilings that will support the new footbridge. Whilst the subway will not re open, in mid 2016 we will provide stair and lift access from Boltro Road to the new footbridge. Cycle racks are also affected by the Boltro Road closure and hoops have been removed. Cycle parking will continue to be available in the main car park.

The existing rail Ticket Vending Machine at the Boltro Road entrance will be relocated to the booking hall at the main entrance shortly.

Will there be any impact on the platforms?
The first phase will see hoardings being erected on all platforms from 29th March 2015. Marshalls are on hand to ensure that passengers are able to flow along the platforms whilst construction progresses. Please do not use the restricted areas on the platforms.

Haywards Heath station regeneration

Platform – restricted areas

Why have you not constructed a temporary footbridge? We appreciate that passengers will experience some inconvenience due to the loss of the subway and entrance.

Haywards Heath station regeneration

Temporary walking route – Boltro Road

Given the need to maintain as much circulation space on the platforms as possible and minimise the disruption period during construction, it is not feasible to construct a temporary footbridge.

When will the car park work be completed, and how many spaces will be provided when the scheme is complete?
The car park works will be completed November 2015 and 1057 spaces will be available in the final scheme. The car park will provide lift access to all floors, and the footbridge linking all platforms will open late 2016.

I cycle to the station - am I affected by the works?
The cycle parking will be relocated in due course - further information to follow.

From where can I obtain further information?
If you wish to be notified of changes to the car park please look out for station posters or register at for updates.