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Youth matters

We’re keen to support young people across our entire network. See how our Get Into Railway programme is working to do that.

Get Into Railways programme

Southern, in partnership with The Prince’s Trust, runs "Get into Railways” programmes for young people from difficult backgrounds.

The programme begins with a Taster Day where youngsters identified as in need of support by The Prince’s Trust met with representatives of both organisations to discuss their reasons for wishing to attend the course. A number of young people are then selected to take part in the four-week programme which is split between classroom-based learning and practical work placement at a Southern station.

During the course, participants are given help with preparing CVs and covering letters, honing their interview skills and take part in team building exercises. The group then undertakes work experience at a number of stations.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say at the end of the course:

23 –year-old Louis of Mitcham said: “The course was much more than I expected, it was much more interactive.” Now with aspirations of joining GTR’s fraud team, Louis said the course had really helped him develop. He said: “Before I was a bit shy, but now I feel like a million pounds. I feel confident. At the places I worked they all seemed to be a big family and I want to be part of it.”

Emerald, aged 21 from Croydon, added: “The course has been great. The best thing has been the effort the managers from the Prince’s Trust and Southern have made to help us build a career, develop ourselves and gain qualifications. Even if we don’t get a job we can put this on our CVs.”

David, aged 19 of New Addington, who has aspirations to be a train driver one day, said: “I feel blessed for the opportunity. I am now confident and ready to delight customers as part of a great team.”

Working with The Prince’s Trust, all youngsters who complete the course have also been offered additional support over a six month period from Southern staff who have been trained by both organisations to act as mentors.

Developing confident travellers 


We're keen to ensure that youngsters stay safe when they travel with us. That’s why we’ve worked with Sussex Community Rail Partnership to develop the Go-Learn material.

This has three phases, including a keen focus on staying safe on the railway, school sessions looking at travel planning and personal safety, as well as practical station and trip experiences.

In the last year we have delivered Go-Learn to over 17,225 children and won the Engineering and Safety category of the Railway Industry Innovation Awards.

To book a school session please email

Building skills for the future

One way we help young people is by helping them gain valuable experience on the job. We offer both work experience programmes and an engineering apprenticeship scheme. 

Interested in joining us? Find out more by emailing