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Four wonderful pubs to visit in Hastings town centre


If you’re visiting somewhere new, there’s nothing quite like a pub meal to make you feel at home. Whether you’re with family or meeting your friends, Hastings has plenty of brilliant of wonderful pubs to satisfy your cravings.

With everything from traditional and cosy to modern gastro-style, you won’t be disappointed with the selection. So, read on to find the perfect pub in Hastings for your next trip. 

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Albion Hastings

Hearty, wholesome, and traditional – the Albion is one of the best pubs in Hastings Old Town. Situated on the striking seafront , the Albion is the perfect place to embrace all things Hastings. Whilst it might look untouched from the outside, it has undergone renovations, with artisan craftspeople and local designers working tirelessly to restore the pub’s timeless charm. 

Locally sourced ingredients help to create their incredible menu, full to the brim with filling classics – it’s no wonder they’re renowned for some of the best pub food in Hastings. 

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The Crown

The Crown blends gastropub and informal free house to create one of the best pubs in Hastings Old Town. You’ll be welcomed into a friendly, warm environment with a mix of locals and visitors – giving you the full Hastings experience. 

Expect great-quality British food combined with an excellent selection of local real ales, craft beers and spirits  – the perfect place to visit after a day of exploring. So, take advantage of Southern Railway’s 2FOR1 offers for a seaside adventure with grub to rival the best of the British Isles – what could be better? 

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The Dolphin Inn

The award-winning Dolphin Inn is undoubtedly one of Hastings’s best pubs. With a homely yet lively approach, Head Chef Tim and the team look after your every need. 

As well as great food, The Dolphin Inn is also well known for its theme nights and events . Expect fun, laughs, and interactivity, creating a brilliant atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. 

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Stag Inn 

Despite being a short trip from the town centre, the Stag Inn had to make it on our list of good pubs in Hastings. As one of Hastings’ oldest pubs teeming with local history, it has everything from mummified cats to ghost stories  – never a dull day at the Stag Inn!

Even better, there’s more to this pub in Hastings than a colourful history: with seasonal fare, a great ambience, and dog-friendly credentials, you won’t want to miss out on visiting this establishment on a trip to Hastings with your furry friend.  


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