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Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets

Travelling after the morning rush hour? You can save money when you buy an Off-Peak ticket

Give them a big day out!

Pier, crazy golf, and aquarium in Brighton; or toyshops, museums, and zoo in London? Your call!

Keep the kids happy there and back. Leave the car at home.

Make great savings with our Super Off-Peak and Off-Peak Day return fares. Up to 4 kids can travel for just £2 each!

Off-Peak - great savings every day

If you’re travelling on a weekday but after the morning peak time, it’s cheaper to get an Off-Peak ticket.

You can buy singles and return tickets to come back the same day or within one calendar month – and they’re great value.

The times you can use your Off-Peak ticket depend on the train company you’re travelling with, where you’re going and when you’re travelling. Use the journey planner to check for Off-Peak services.

Off-Peak at a glance

  • Travel Monday-Friday outside busy times
  • Travel any time on weekends and Bank Holidays


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Super Off-Peak - save even more

If you can avoid travelling in the early evening, or if you’re travelling on a weekend or Bank Holiday, you’ll pay less than the normal Off-Peak fare. And you can buy a London Travelcard or use your Railcard too.

As well as all day on weekends and Bank Holidays, Super Off-Peak tickets are available on weekday services arriving in London after 10:55 and returning outside the evening peak of 16:15 to 19:15.

Super Off-Peak at a glance

  • Travel outside morning and evening peak times, or on a weekend or Bank Holiday
  • Use with your Railcard or GroupSave discount to save even more


Book Super Off-Peak tickets

Eastbourne to London Victoria

Super Off-Peak Day Return

Buy tickets from £18.80

Brighton to London Victoria

Off-Peak Day Return

Buy tickets from £29.60

Horsham to London Victoria

Super Off-Peak Day Travelcard

Buy tickets from £21.20
Read the general terms and conditions for Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets. Questions about this service? Contact us

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets online and collect them from the ticket machine before you travel. You can also buy them at the station from a ticket machine or staffed ticket office.