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the seaside and the pier in the background

5 facts you might not know about Eastbourne Pier


Eastbourne pier is perhaps the town’s most famous attraction. Boasting a rich history and with a wide range of events still held there to this day, there’s certainly a lot to know about this iconic landmark.

There’s also plenty to do when you head to Eastbourne pier, with the amusements and the opportunity to do a spot of fishing meaning there’s something to interest all the family. Not only that, but with frequent trains to Eastbourne, booking your trip has never been easier. 

Read our FAQs below and wow your friends and family with some of these facts when you next visit Eastbourne pier. 

a beach with a pier in the water


1. When was Eastbourne pier built?

The pier was built in 1870 following four years of construction carried out by The Eastbourne Pier Company. Whilst it was opened at that time by Lord Edward Cavendish, it wasn’t fully completed until 1872. 

a bridge over a body of water


2. Has Eastbourne pier ever suffered any damage?  

The pier has mostly been a setting for fun and enjoyment but it has also seen some troubled times, with two fires causing significant damage. The first came in 1970, when the 1,000-seat theatre burned down. The second fire occurred in 2014 which unfortunately destroyed the Eastbourne pier arcade and saloons. 

another pier bridge over a body of water

3. Who owns Eastbourne pier? 

Mr Sheikh Abid Gulzar is the proud owner of the pier, having made the purchase in 2015. Since taking ownership, Mr Gulzar has turned it into a tourist’s paradise with a new open deck feature, plenty of benches to sit on and other forms of entertainment. 

a close up of a pier next to a body of water

4. How long is the Eastbourne pier?

The pier is 300 metres long, which means there’ll be plenty of room for you to take in the views - even when it’s super busy. 

5. What about Eastbourne pier’s place in British history?

During the Second World War, some of the decking was removed to pave way for machine guns to be installed. This was done to prevent enemy landings because of its impeccable vantage point. 

Eastbourne pier is open and ready to provide you with an exciting day out for the whole family. So, whether you’ve planned a boat trip, some fishing, a visit to the arcades or you just want a serene seaside stroll, we can guarantee you’ll wow your friends and family with these facts.



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