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Everything you need to know about Worthing Pier

Worthing is well known for its lively atmosphere and being packed with trendy independent venues, but the flagship feature of the town is undoubtedly its pier. Worthing Pier boasts over 150 years of history and has been transformed through generations into a thoroughly modern, versatile and picturesque venue and attraction.

Whether you’re heading to Worthing just for a weekend getaway or for a summer holiday with your family, read our handy guide below to find out everything that you need to know about the exceptional Worthing Pier.

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Worthing Pier opening times

Worthing Pier itself is open from 6am until 10pm, seven days a week. Whether you’d like a gentle sunrise stroll along the decking or a late-afternoon lunch at the newly refurbished Perch on the Pier restaurant, you’ll be able to access the pier all day and into the later hours. If you’ve enjoyed an evening promenade, meanwhile, why not cap it off with fish and chips from the Arcades Fish Restaurant?

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Worthing Pier amusements arcade

Standard opening hours for Worthing Pier arcade are from 10am until 6pm every day and until 6:30pm on Saturdays, but hours may vary depending on the season and weather conditions. This charming arcade might be compact but it offers a mighty selection of interactive games and amusements to keep the family entertained.

Worthing Pier Pavilion Theatre

At the base of Worthing Pier, you’ll find the magnificent Pavilion Theatre. After the pier was bought by the Borough of Worthing in 1921, this domed pavilion was designed by architects Adshead and Ramsay and opened to the public just five years later.

It’s easy to find out what’s on at the Pavilion Theatre online, so you can plan even your visit around a performance that you’ve been waiting to see. With panoramic sea views, the Pavilion Atrium is also available as a venue for private hire.

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Can I go fishing on Worthing Pier?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fisher, fishing on Worthing Pier is completely free of charge and split into three different types of zones. These zones are marked using green, orange and red discs on the upper decking, split into:

• Green zones, for fishing all year round
• Orange zones, where fishing is only allowed off-season, between 1st October and 1st May
• Red zones, where no fishing is allowed

If you do choose to go fishing on Worthing Pier, it’s important to remember to be respectful and take all of your rubbish with you when you leave. We would also encourage you and anyone with whom you’re fishing to release your catch back into the sea, helping to promote national conservation efforts.

The fascinating history of Worthing Pier

Worthing Pier was designed by Sir Robert Rawlinson and first opened to the public on 12th April 1862. It was originally constructed only of wooden decking laid onto an iron framework and, at first, only had benches on both sides. In 1884, two kiosks were built at the landward end of the pier and offered a small souvenir shop and a toll house.

The pier was almost totally destroyed by a storm over the Easter weekend in March 1913. While the south pavilion remained intact – the end that now houses the Perch on the Pier restaurant – the middle part of the pier was swallowed up by crashing waves. Just over a year later, the pier had already been repaired and it reopened on 29th May 1914.

During the Second World War years, military authorities requisitioned the pier. Along with blowing a large hole in the decked walkway to make enemy landing more difficult, the troops used the pavilion as a recreational centre with a library, canteen and entertainment facilities.

Today, Worthing Pier exists purely for entertainment, leisure and simple pleasures. For everyone from families with young children to solo dog-walkers, Worthing Pier makes a fantastic spot to stretch your legs, tuck into a tasty fish and chips, or simply enjoy the peaceful sound of waves crashing lightly below the decking.

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How to get to Worthing Pier

Book train tickets to Worthing today to enjoy the unrivalled convenience of reaching Worthing Pier on foot. Plus, with wide pavements on a mostly flat route, going by train also makes for a fantastic option if you’re a wheelchair user or travelling with a loved one who is.

Worthing Pier is located on the central seafront, just south of all the useful amenities in town. It’s easy to spot it from a distance, with the impressive pavilion building at its landward end. Just over a 15-minute walk from Worthing Station, you won’t even need to find a parking space to enjoy everything that the pier has to offer.


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