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Anytime tickets

Freedom to travel at any time of day, on whichever day of the week

Anytime tickets are designed to give you the freedom to travel during any part of the day including on Weekdays during the morning and evening peaks. While this means you’ll pay a little more than the Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak fares, you will have complete flexibility over what time you travel.

Anytime ticket options:

  • Anytime Single: Valid for one journey at any time of day.
  • Anytime Day Return: Valid for outward journey and one return journey on the same date, no time restrictions apply.
  • Anytime Return: On some journeys we offer an open return ticket. You can use the return portion of this ticket up to one calendar month from the start date of the ticket. This is a great product for longer trips away.
  • Anytime Day Travelcard: Unlimited train, tube, bus and tram travel within London Fares Zones, valid all day long. For more information see Travelcards.
  • Season tickets: These are Anytime tickets, and can be used at any time of day. Available from one week to one year. For more information see Season tickets.

When can I travel with my Anytime ticket?

With an Anytime ticket you can do exactly that, travel at any time on any day of the week! No time restrictions apply, so you have complete freedom within the date(s) of your ticket.

  • Anytime Day (Single and Return) tickets must be used on the date shown on your ticket and up to 04:29 the following day.
  • Anytime Single must be used within 2 days of the date shown on the ticket and up until 04:29 after the last day of validity.
  • Anytime Return tickets, the outward journey must be made within 5 days and up until 04:29 after the last day of validity; the return portion must be used within one calendar month and up until 04:29 after the last day of validity.

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Buy your Anytime tickets up to 12 weeks ahead of travel, via our website and collect your tickets at your local Ticket Vending Machine. Register now to buy your tickets online. Alternatively you can buy Anytime tickets from the Ticket Vending Machine at the station, or from one of our Ticket Offices.

First and Standard Class travel

Both First and Standard class Anytime tickets are available on selected journeys across the UK.

First Class tickets must be bought prior to entry into First Class accommodation, otherwise a Penalty Fare may be payable. For holder of Standard Class tickets, you must upgrade to First Class by paying the difference in fare before you enter First Class accommodation.

Break of Journey

A ‘Break of Journey’ means exiting and re-entering an intermediate station to continue your journey after a break. Break of journey is allowed on all Anytime and Anytime Day tickets.

Railcard discounts

Railcard discounts may apply to Anytime tickets, however please check the time restrictions on the use of your Railcard to see when this can be used. GroupSave discount will only apply to journeys where Off-Peak tickets are not available.

Amendments and refunds

For information about Amendments and Refunds please see our Refunds page.