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Off-Peak tickets

Save money while avoiding the morning peak

Off-Peak tickets are designed for travel after the morning peak.

Off-Peak ticket options:

  • Off-Peak Day Single: Valid for one journey after the morning peak*.
  • Off-Peak Day Return: Valid for one outward journey after the morning peak and one return journey, both on the same day.
  • Off-Peak Return: Valid for one outward journey after the morning peak, with the freedom to return on any day within one calendar month.
  • Off-Peak Day Travelcard: Unlimited train, tube, bus and tram travel within the London Fare Zones. Valid only after the morning peak. For more information see Travelcards.

When can I travel with my Off-Peak ticket?

Travel restrictions on Off-Peak Return tickets vary considerably depending on the journey you are making.

Off-Peak tickets may  be valid to certain stations, but not to others using the same train service. Always use an online journey planner, or speak to a staff member to check when your ticket is valid for your journey.

Off-Peak Singles and the outward portion of Off-Peak Returns are valid for travel on the date shown on the ticket and until 04:29 the following morning. When using Off-Peak Day tickets all travel must be completed by 04:29 on the following morning of the date on the ticket.

Time restrictions apply to Off-Peak travel on Monday to Friday, but these tickets are valid for travel at any time on Weekends and Bank Holidays.

*Please note: some Train Operating Companies apply evening peak time restrictions to Off-Peak tickets, so please check the time restrictions for your journey.

Buy tickets

Please check our Offers page for more information on promotions and discounts on Off-Peak tickets.

Terms and Conditions


Buy your Off-Peak tickets up to 12 weeks ahead of travel, via our website and collect your tickets at your local Ticket Vending Machine. Register now to buy your tickets online. Alternatively you can buy Off-Peak tickets from the Ticket Vending Machine at the station, or from one of our Ticket Offices.

First and Standard Class travel

Both First and Standard Class Off-Peak tickets are available on many journeys across the UK. Travelcards for travel wholly within London Zones 1-6 don’t have a First Class option; however First Class Travelcard options are available for journeys starting outside London Fares Zones (e.g. Brighton to London Zones 1-6 Travelcard).

First Class tickets must be bought prior to entry into First Class accommodation, otherwise a Penalty Fare may be payable. For holder of Standard Class tickets, you must upgrade to First Class by paying the difference in fare before you enter First Class Accommodation.

Break of Journey

When travelling with Southern a Break of journey is allowed on the outward portion of Off-Peak tickets unless otherwise indicated by a restriction shown against the ticket's validity code and in all cases on the return portion of Off-Peak return tickets.

A ‘Break of Journey’ means exiting and re-entering an intermediate station to continue your journey on the same day after a break. Break of journey may not be permitted when travelling with other Train Operators.

Railcard Discounts

Railcard discounts apply to Off-Peak tickets with 16-25, Annual Gold Card, Disabled, Family & Friends, HM Forces, Network and Senior Railcards. Please check Terms and Conditions of your Railcard for details of any Minimum Fare rules and time restrictions.

GroupSave discounts, which can save you 34% when travelling in groups of 3 to 9, apply to many Off-Peak tickets in the South East. You must travel together throughout your journey for the discounted tickets to be valid.

Amendments and Refunds

For information about Amendments and Refunds please see our Refunds page.

Super Off-Peak

For information about Super Off-Peak tickets please see our Super Off-Peak page.