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The Key Smartcard

No more fumbling around for paper tickets. Say hello to an easier way to travel when you buy your tickets with The Key Smartcard - Southern's very own smartcard.


A faster way to buy and use season tickets. No more queues or waiting for tickets to arrive. Just tap & go


The hassle-free way to get going. Buy and renew season tickets online in advance and avoid the rush.


Say bye-bye to worn and torn paper tickets. A durable card that lasts and works tap after tap.


If your Key Smartcard is lost or stolen, we'll block it and replace it free of charge.

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The Key Smartcard is absolutely free.

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Don't miss out on repayment for delays

Switch to The Key Smartcard and we will automatically alert you if you are due compensation when your train is delayed.

How The Key Smartcard works

Travelling in and out of London? The Key Smartcard can save you time and hassle. It’s a smartcard that you use to touch in and out at the ticket barrier. You load tickets onto it – so there’s no need to stand in a queue. And The Key is free: there’s no deposit and you don’t need to pay anything over the normal price of your ticket.

Find out more about how the Key Smartcard works.

You can also pay as you go when you register for keyGo

Using your Key Smartcard

Check here to see if your journey is available on The Key Smartcard. 

Use your Key Smartcard at most Southern stations when you’re travelling into London and back. You’ll need to start your journey and collect tickets outside London.

See where you can use your Key Smartcard.

Types of tickets you can add to The Key Smartcard

You can load these types of tickets onto your key smartcard:

  • weekly, monthly or annual season tickets
  • weekly, monthly and annual Travelcard season tickets for the Tube, buses, trams, trains and the Docklands Light Railway
  • Anytime and Return tickets
  • Off-Peak tickets
  • PLUSBUS tickets for traveling in Crawley and Brighton, excluding Newhaven and Seaford stations.
  • Pay as you go travel with keyGo

Exclusive Key Smartcard discounts

City Car Club - save £59

Use your Key Smartcard to register and get your first year’s membership for just £1 – a saving of £59. City Car Club offers pay-as-you-go car and van rental across the Southern network.

Join City Car Club

Co-Wheels - save £24

Join with your key for just £1 for your first year. Membership of Co-Wheels, which offers pay-as-you-go car rental in lots of Southern destinations, usually costs £25.

Join Co-Wheels

Need to know more?

Read our answers to frequently asked questions about The Key Smartcard.

Download our pdf guide to The Key Smartcard to find out more.

You can also read the full terms and conditions for using The Key Smartcard.

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