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FlexiSeason trial

Uckfield line FlexiSeason trial

For a limited time only, we are introducing a new type of Season ticket for Key Smartcard customers on the Uckfield line aimed at people who have more flexible travel requirements.

FlexiSeason is great if you are a part-time commuter. Available in multiples of 5, each day ticket allows you unlimited travel between your chosen two stations.

Don’t have a Key Smartcard yet? Find out more here.

Is the FlexiSeason for you?

If you don’t travel everyday yet you travel regularly, Flexiseason could be the ticket for you. FlexiSeason allows you to save 10% compared to buying an Anytime Day Return.

Buy FlexiSeason day tickets in multiples of 5 up to 50 and use within 3 months of purchase. We recommend that you only purchase 5 at a time.

Travel between any of the below stations to the following destinations:

Origin Destination
Uckfield London Terminals
Buxted London Victoria
Crowborough Croydon Stations
Eridge Uckfield
Ashurst Buxted
Cowden Crowborough
Hever Eridge
Edenbridge Town Ashurst
Hurst Green Cowden
Oxted Hever
Woldingham Edenbridge Town
  Hurst Green

We are interested to know what you think about our FlexiSeason ticket. If you purchase a FlexiSeason, at the end of the trial we would like feedback on your experience.  

How to buy a FlexiSeason

If you have a Key Smartcard, you can purchase a FlexiSeason from any of the Ticket Vending Machines at the above Origin stations on the Uckfield line. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Place your Key Smartcard on the card reader and choose where you want to go.
  2. Select Season tickets and then Smart Flexi Season ticket
  3. Choose how many days you wish to purchase (we recommend that you only purchase 5 at a time)
  4. Purchase
  5. Place your Key Smartcard on the card reader again to load your ticket.

*FlexiSeason is not available for purchase online.

How to use a FlexiSeason

Once you have purchased your FlexiSeason, just touch the card reader at the entry point or gate at the station to activate your day ticket. Tap in and out as you travel and only one day ticket will be used. The next time you travel, on another day, another day ticket will be used.

FlexiSeason terms and conditions

  1. The FlexiSeason Trial will operate from 30 April 2018 to 30 October 2018
  2. The FlexiSeason is only available on Key Smartcards issued by Great Northern, Southern and Thameslink
  3. The FlexiSeason is only available to purchase from Ticket Vending Machines at the following stations: Uckfield, Buxted, Crowborough, Eridge, Ashurst, Cowden, Hever, Edenbridge Town, Hurst Green, Oxted, Woldingham
  4. The FlexiSeason will be available for purchase until 30 October 2018. Any remaining day tickets held on Key Smartcards beyond this date can be used until their expiry date
  5. FlexiSeasons can be bought in increments of 5 with a maximum of 50 day tickets that can be held on a smartcard at any time
  6. FlexiSeasons is only available at the Adult rate. No discount is offered to Child Key Smartcard holders
  7. Railcard discounts cannot be applied to FlexiSeasons as it is a season product
  8. FlexiSeasons are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Additional FlexiSeason purchases will extend the expiry date of all remaining day tickets by 3 months
  9. Each day ticket allows you unlimited day travel between your origin and destination (like a day season ticket). A day is considered as 04:30 to 04:29 the next day
  10. As with all tickets held on a smartcard, you must tap in and tap out as you travel to ensure that you validate your ticket. Failure to do so may result in you being issued a penalty fare
  11. No refunds will be given for expired FlexiSeasons