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RMT strike information

Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 November 2017

On most routes, a normal service will operate.

Last updated 12pm 31 October 

The RMT has advised its members not to work on 8 and 9 November. Services on most Southern routes will operate normally, but there will be some alterations as detailed on this page.

Service impact by route

On most routes, we will operate a normal service. Download a map showing the effect on services by route.

Service overview

The full Thameslink service is expected to operate on all routes. Gatwick Express services will not be affected by the strike, but please note that some trains have been removed for the leaf-fall period.

A full Southern service is expected to operate on all routes, except those listed below:

West London Line

A limited service will operate on the West London line at peak times only. Only the following services will operate:

  • 06:20 Clapham Junction to Watford Junction
  • 07:25 Watford Junction to Clapham Junction
  • 07:30 Coulsdon Town to Watford Junction
  • 08:14 Clapham Junction to Shepherds Bush
  • 08:34 Shepherds Bush to Clapham Junction
  • 08:50 Clapham Junction to Shepherds Bush
  • 09:07 Shepherds Bush to Clapham Junction
  • 09:15 Watford Junction to Clapham Junction
  • 09:24 Clapham Junction to Shepherds Bush
  • 16:13 Selhurst to Watford Junction
  • 17:52 Watford Junction to Clapham Junction
  • 18:39 Clapham Junction to Watford Junction
  • 19:54 Watford Junction to Clapham Junction

Please use alternative routes as detailed below to complete your journey at other times.

Guildford services

The four Southern services each way per day to and from Guildford will not run between Guildford and Leatherhead/Epsom as follows:

  • 06:30 Sutton to Guildford (will terminate at Leatherhead)
  • 06:36 London Victoria to Guildford (will terminate at Epsom)
  • 07:22 Guildford to London Bridge (will start from Leatherhead)
  • 08:16 Guildford to London Victoria (will start from Epsom)
  • 16:36 London Victoria to Guildford (will terminate at Epsom)
  • 17:25 London Bridge to Guildford (will terminate at Epsom)
  • 18:22 Guildford to London Victoria (will start from Epsom)
  • 19:04 Guildford to Sutton (will start from Epsom)

Your tickets will be accepted on South Western Railway services on this route, however South Western Railway services are also expected to be affected by strike action on these dates. Please check the South Western Railway website for the latest information on their services.

Marshlink services

The following peak hour services between Ashford International, Rye and Hastings will not run:

  • 05.46 Hastings to Ashford International
  • 06.35 Ashford International to Rye
  • 07.06 Rye to Ashford International
  • 07.41 Ashford International to Rye
  • 08.14 Rye to Ashford International
  • 08.53 Ashford International to Hastings
  • 17.09 Hastings to Ashford International
  • 18.00 Ashford International to Rye
  • 18.31 Rye to Ashford International
  • 19.02 Ashford International to Rye
  • 19.33 Rye to Ashford International
  • 19.59 Ashford International to Hastings

Services on all other routes

The full service will operate except the following services which will not run.

  • 07:12 Eastbourne to London Bridge
  • 07:45 Littlehampton to Brighton
  • 15:57 Littlehampton to Portsmouth & Southsea
  • 16:59 Portsmouth & Southsea to Littlehampton
  • 17:41 London Bridge to Littlehampton
  • 20:15 Newhaven Marine to Lewes
  • 21:53 Littlehampton to Brighton

On all routes, it is important to check the live running page before you set off, for the latest Information on services.

South Western Railway

South Western Railway services are also expected to be affected by strike action on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 November. Please check the South Western Railway website for the latest information on the effect to their services. If this strike takes place, services on the following Southern routes are expected to be busier.

  • Portsmouth Harbour/Southampton Central - London Victoria
  • Dorking - London Victoria / London Bridge via Epsom
  • Wimbledon - London Bridge / London Victoria (Thameslink services may also be busier)
  • Clapham Junction - London Victoria

Where possible, please travel outside peak times on these routes and allow extra time for your journey.

Owing to the South Western Railway strike, we have been advised that there may be a queuing system in place at Clapham Junction. Please allow extra time to enter the station, especially at peak times.

How do I plan my journey?

The alterations to services shown above may not be updated in journey planners until 48 hours before they operate. If you wish to use a journey planner to check your journey, please do so less than 48 hours before you travel or confirm your train is planned to run using the information above.

Please note that the Transport for London journey planner may take longer to update, so you are advised not to plan Southern journeys at

It is also important to check your journey on the live running page before you set off for the latest information.

Alternatives if trains aren’t running or are limited on my route

Can I use my ticket on other train operators’ services, the tube, London buses or local buses? 
Services are expected to operate normally on most routes. We have arranged the following ticket acceptance.

  • London Midland
    London Midland will accept rail tickets for reasonable journeys between London Euston and Milton Keynes Central
  • London Overground
    Rail tickets can be used for reasonable journeys between:
    - Clapham Junction and Watford Junction via Willesden Junction
    - Watford Junction and London Euston
  • London Underground 
    Rail tickets for journeys on the West London line between Clapham Junction and stations between Wembley Central and Milton Keynes Central can be used to cross London between Victoria and Euston. 
  • Thameslink
    Should they wish to do so, ticket holders with an origin or destination of stations between Wembley Central and Milton Keynes Central for journeys to / from south of London, can use their ticket at their nearest station on the Thameslink route between London and Bedford to travel on Thameslink (but not East Midlands Trains) services to be able to complete their journey.

Will you pay for taxis or provide replacement buses if there are no trains?
We are working hard to ensure that a train service will operate on most routes and have arranged for your tickets to be accepted on other operators as detailed above. We will therefore not be able to provide taxis and you should allow extra time as necessary for your journey.

I’m travelling to or from the airport on a day affected by the industrial action, what can I do? 
If you are planning to use our services for travel to or from an airport, please check the effect on your journey using the information above. You are advised to allow plenty of time for your journey. We do not provide compensation for missed flights etc.

I’ve booked assisted travel or intend to do so, what should I do?
If you have already booked assistance, you are strongly advised to check your journey. If it is affected by the amended timetable, please contact us on 0800 138 1016 to discuss your requirements. If you require assistance and haven’t already done so, you are strongly urged to contact us to discuss your requirements even if you normally do not.

I’m using your service as part of a longer journey involving other train operators, what about me?
If you hold an Anytime, Off Peak or Super Off Peak ticket and wish to travel on an earlier Southern train service to meet your connecting train please check your journey on the National Rail Enquiries Journey Planner.

If you hold an Advance ticket please be aware that the only part of your journey that has the mandatory reservation (the train you must catch) is with the long distance train operator e.g. with an Advance ticket from Eastbourne to Manchester Piccadilly you can catch any train from Eastbourne to London that will ensure you catch the train from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly.

Can I drive to an alternative station and park for free?
Car park tickets are only valid for the station car park that they were purchased for.

Can I take my bicycle on the train?
The normal peak-time cycle restrictions will remain in place on strike days. Please check our cycle policy for more information.

Will first class accommodation be available to Standard Class ticket holders?
First Class accommodation will be available only to First Class ticket holders. We will continue to monitor this situation and communicate any revisions.

Will peak travel restrictions still apply?
All the normal time restrictions on the use of the Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets will remain in place as will time restrictions on railcards.

More information

Details on these pages are based on the latest information; however it is subject to change so it is very important to check again before you travel.

Updated information will be posted as soon as it is available. 

Compensation and refunds