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Uckfield line

We’d like to apologise for the delays, cancellations and for running trains with fewer carriages than planned causing delays to journeys on the Uckfield line.

The Uckfield branch line, unlike the rest of our network is not electrified so we can only run diesel trains; our smallest fleet of trains on this route. Therefore, when things go wrong we have very limited options as we cannot use any of our other train fleets as they are all electric.

At the beginning of the Franchise we acquired more diesel trains to provide extra capacity and resilience for the Uckfield route. These trains required a complete overhaul to make them compatible with our network and despite substantial work by our engineering team these trains have proven to be considerably less reliable than our existing diesel trains.

To get these trains back in service as quickly as possible we have taken the following actions:

  • recruited more engineers
  • trained more of our current engineering team to maintain this fleet
  • carried out additional maintenance
  • brought in specialist technical support from our suppliers

We fully understand the frustrations that any service problem can cause and we’d like to remind you that if you are delayed by 15 minutes or more you are entitled to claim compensation with our delay repay scheme.

You may also be entitled to enhanced compensation, which is available to season ticket holders who experience persistent delays on a route over a four week period. You can find out more about this here.

Once again, we'd like to apologise and assure you that our engineers are working around the clock to get the trains back into service as quickly as possible and restore the service you rightly expect.