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Change of travel plans

Last updated: Thursday 22 April

We understand that you may need to change your travel plans as a result of changing COVID restrictions.

Whether you are looking to change the date of your journey or get a refund, we have put the following information together to help you see what options are available.

If you have a ticket on departure booking and you have not collected your ticket, please apply for a refund via the online refund form.

The information is based on the different ticket types in place, if you hold a paper ticket and you’re not sure what type of ticket you have, please check the information printed on the orange stripe in the top left corner of the ticket for one of the following.

Travel on a different date

You can change the date of travel without paying a change of journey fee, so long as you request the change before the date of your original journey.

If you bought your ticket from us and no longer want to travel:

  • All tickets sold from Monday 7th September 2020:

    We can refund your ticket less a £10 admin fee, up to a maximum of 28 days from the expiry date of the ticket, please see our refunds process for full details.

If you bought your ticket from another retailer or train company, you will need to contact them to request your refund.

If you still want to travel but on a different day:

You can change the time or date of travel at any National Rail Ticket Office, before the departure of the first reserved train printed on your ticket.

You will need to pay any difference between the fare you have already paid and the best available fare for the new journey, plus a £10 change of journey fee for each ticket changed.

If you bought your ticket from us and no longer want to travel.

These tickets are non-refundable.

If you bought your ticket from us and no longer want to travel:

Unexpired Season Tickets can be refunded at any time.

We will calculate how much is refunded based on the value left on your ticket on the day you submit your Season Ticket less a £10 admin fee for refund.

You can find out how much refund you are due by using this calculator:

Season ticket refund calculator


Please see our refunds process for tickets here, for full details.

This refund can only be backdated with evidence that illness prevented you from travelling.

For more information, including if you require a refund due to sickness that prevented you from using a Season Ticket, see the Season Ticket Conditions page.

If you bought your season ticket from another train operator or retailer, you will need to contact them to request your refund.

Travel on a different date:

Please do not date your carnet ticket until you know for certain that you are going to travel, as it is not possible to amend the date of travel with these tickets once dated.

If you bought your ticket from us and no longer want to travel, we can refund both complete and partially used books of tickets, up to a maximum of 28 days from the expiry date of the tickets. Plus, we have waived the £10 admin fee. Please seeour refunds process for tickets purchased after Monday 7th September 2020 here, for full details.

A full refund is available before the period of validity starts with no fees applied. Tickets cannot be refunded once the period of validity has started.
These tickets are not refundable. Please only purchase them if you are certain you will travel.
If you will not be using your car park season ticket for some time, you can request a refund by following the normal refund process.
Please contact Transport for London for any refunds for tickets purchased on Oyster.

Additional FAQs

If you purchased your ticket online as a “ticket on departure” that you have not yet collected, its easiest to manage your refund or exchange is through your online account in most cases:

If you have an eTicket or paper ticket, or you are unable to process a refund via your on-line account, you should apply for a refund remotely using our online refund form at Thameslink, Southern, or Great Northern.

We aim to process all refunds within 20 working days.

We understand that receiving your refund is important and it will be processed as quickly as possible.

If you have not heard from us within 28 days of submitting a refund application, please get in touch and we will investigate your enquiry.

If you applied at a ticket office, please provide as much information as you can, including a copy of any paperwork issued by the ticket office. If you applied using the web form, or other online service, please quote your reference number.

These vouchers can be used to purchase National Rail tickets for travel on any National Rail service regardless of the train operating company.
If you have not received your voucher within 3 weeks, please contact our Customer Relations team using the Contact Us form.
To use your eVoucher, you will see your voucher total in the delivery options screen once you have selected your product(s) and you will have the option to use some or all of your voucher as payment in full or towards that product, you can also view these within eVouchers screen. Please note that eVouchers cannot be exchanged and are valid for 12 months from the day of issue.
After careful consideration, the government has confirmed that Railcards will remain non-refundable and will not be extended.

We know many of you have not been able to exchange your National Rail Vouchers, as you were following the Governments ‘stay at home’ advice.

Therefore, we will accept National Rail Vouchers at our Ticket Offices for payment towards the cost of your next rail journey, with an expiry date between the 20th October 2020 and 30th June 2021; for a maximum of 6 months from when they expired.

We cannot extend the validity of any Rail Travel Vouchers:

  • That expired before the 20th October 2020
  • Will expire on or after the 1st July 2021

We cannot replace any Rail Travel Vouchers that have been lost or destroyed.