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Find out how Southern customers use our assisted travel service, Priority Seat card and other support options.

Hi my name is Shirley and I live in Eastbourne with my two cats! I have a variety of interests but I never go anywhere without my camera. I am a retired Health Professional and still care about others – people interest me immensely because I learn so much just by listening.

My rail travel is quite extensive. I went to Scotland in January, Southampton in July and I went to London for the day – all by train. People seem quite amazed that I manage to do these things on my own but it’s only with the help of Southern and whichever railway I’m using, because everybody is so helpful. As long as I pre-plan, I can almost go anywhere.

When arranging my rail trips I am very reliant on assistance at any station I encounter, as I need a ramp to gain access to the accessible area of the train. I use Southern so often that I am a familiar face to Eastbourne staff and most of the guards.

Please don’t feel that rail travel is difficult because the staff at Southern and whichever rail company you travel with are there to help you and I take advantage of that and I’m very pleased.

For more information about booking assistance, contact the Assisted Travel team.