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Delay Repay compensation form

Please use the form below to claim compensation for your journey.

Please ensure that you have scanned in your tickets before using this form and that your scanned images are no more than 1Mb each.

If you have registered on the site previously login now and we will prepopulate as many fields as possible for you. Register now and you can cut the time required to complete your details later.

All fields marked * are mandatory.

Please note the special instructions for Key Smartcard customers

Delay repay online form


Claim Details - Claim 1

Key smartcard customers - if prompted for Photocard ID, please type last 8 digits of your Key Smartcard
* £ :
Scheduled departure time:*  : 
Scheduled arrival time:  : 
If you were unable to board the train due to crowding please select 'other' and advise us of the details.
Key smartcard customers - please always select OTHER and provide us with your full Key Smartcard number
Upload a scanned copy of your ticket here:*
Key smartcard customers - Please ignore this option

Add another claim

Please note that you can only upload one image per single claim, so you will need to scan the tickets onto a single page and upload as one image or add another claim by using the link above.

Please select how you would like to receive your compensation:

We no longer offer cheques, however our new National Rail Vouchers may be exchanged for cash at any Southern ticket office.

* Register with Southern to receive your e-Voucher online. If you have not registered online with Southern we will send you National Rail Vouchers.

The information provided will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will include keeping you informed about special offers and service updates. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

Please note all claims are validated against our train running information records. Claims must be made within 28 days of the delay.