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You cannot have more than 9 passengers


You cannot have more railcards than passengers

Add a railcard

Help with buying online

Buying tickets online? Here are some answers to common problems and tips for getting the most from our booking service.

Problems logging in to your online account

Email address not recognised

Check that there are no typos in your email address – and that it’s the same address you used when you set up your account.

Booking page doesn’t look right

Check your browser. Our booking site works best on Internet Explorer 9 and above, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Resetting your password

If you’re resetting your password you might have to clear your cache first.

Password reset email has gone missing

Asked for a new password but didn’t get our password reset email? Check in your junk or spam folder.

Reset password link has expired

First, make sure you’re using the most recent password reset email in your inbox. Then try to clear your cache.

Using the journey planner

Screen says ‘Missing field’

Check that you’ve filled in all the information asked for by the form. If you’re on a small screen, you may need to scroll down a little.

Date and time

This is pre-set to Today + 2 hours; change it by selecting the ‘Date’ field.

Number of passengers

Pre-set to One Adult; change it by selecting the ‘Passenger and Railcard’ field.


Add your Railcard details before you select ‘Find trains’ to get the best tickets and details of each route.

Travelling to London

If you want the flexibility of more than one central London stations, select ‘London Terminals’.

If you want to use buses, tubes, trams, DLR or other National Rail services in London, select ‘London Travelcard Zones 1-6’.

Choosing the right ticket

We’ll always show you:

  1. the best value ticket – preselected at the top of the list
  2. other single and return fares – starting with the cheaper ones
  3. more expensive tickets like First Class further down the list

Please note that not all fares are available on the key smartcard. If you are making an online purchase you should de-select the 'Key Smartcard fares' option to see the full range of fares available.

Can’t see all the ticket options?

Select ‘Show ticket details’ to see more info on the ticket, and scroll down to see higher price tickets.

Return journeys

We’ll ask you to choose a train for when you come back.

Reviewing your order

Once you’ve chosen a collection option, your ticket will be added to your shopping basket. You’ll have the chance to review it and add another journey before you pay.

Checking trip details

You can expand the journey details in the order summary to double-check the train times and your seat reservation.

Confirmation email

We’ll send you an email confirming your order once you’ve paid. If you can’t see the email, check in your junk or spam folder.

Collecting your tickets

By post

We can send your tickets in the post if you order them at least three days before your trip.

At the station

We assume you’ll want to collect your tickets at the station you’re leaving from. Let us know if you want to pick them up from a ticket machine at another station.

Using a ticket collection machine

Heading to the station to pick up your tickets? Don’t forget to bring:

  1. your ticket collection reference number from your confirmation email

Key Smartcards

Buying a ticket on a Key Smartcard

Log in to your account and select ‘Key Smartcard fares’ on the journey planner.

Loading a ticket

To load a ticket on your smartcard, you’ll need to tap in at a station card reader. You can choose a loading date and station when buying your ticket, but the station must be outside the London Travelcard area.

Travelling today? You’ll need to wait 2 hours after buying your ticket before it is available to load.

Buying multiple tickets

You can only have one unloaded ticket for your key smartcard at a time. If you already have an unloaded ticket, you won’t be able to buy another one.

Unavailable ticket types

Certain fares, like Day Travelcards, Advance and Super Off Peak, are not available for the key.

Buying season tickets online

Selecting season tickets

Make sure you select the ‘Season ticket’ tab on the journey planner.


You’ll need to have your photocard handy when you renew a monthly or annual season ticket.

Starting to use your season ticket

Renew your monthly or annual season ticket at least three days before you need to start using it.

If you’re using a key smartcard, you can start using your ticket within 2 hours of renewing it.

Managing your account

Finding your booking

Go to ‘Purchase history’, select the journey you want to look at, and then choose ‘View order details’.

Checking your train time and reservation

Select ‘Journey details’ to see more info on the time of your train and your seat booking.

Applying for a refund

You can do this under ‘Purchase history’ in your account.

Key Smartcard accounts

You’ll be able to view your tickets, look at your past journeys and ask for a replacement card if yours is lost or stolen.


Any unused eVouchers from our previous system will have been moved over to your new account.

How do I update my preferences?

From your online account you can access your preferences under My Preferences from the left menu of your account.

From there simply check the boxes next to the preferences you choose to receive, and click submit:

  • Travel and service updates
  • Days out inspiration and exclusive promotions
  • Auto Delay Repay

To comply with data protection laws and to additionally protect minors we by default choose not to send under 16’s any marketing or promotional material. If you want to receive promotions from us please toggle the slider to confirm you are 16 or over.

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