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Train service punctuality and reliability

For information on how the train service is performing – check below for yesterday’s service

On time punctuality 

From April 2019, we are publishing a new measure of train punctuality as part of national plans to improve train service performance, reduce delays and increase transparency with ‘to the minute’ punctuality data. It is known as 'On time' and records punctuality at each station along a journey.

The current data known as the public performance measure (PPM) considers a train to be on time if it arrives within 5 minutes of its scheduled arrival time (or 10 minutes for long distance operators).

The daily report

Every day we publish our performance statistics for the previous day. We report two figures: 

  • PPM – the percentage of trains arriving at their destination within 5 minutes of schedule
  • On time – the percentage of trains arriving at the scheduled time at each station stop on a journey

Saturday 18th May 2024

Route PPM On Time
Thameslink 88.1% 76.4%
Southern Mainline 91.3% 78.6%
Southern Coastway 94.6% 83.7%
Southern Metro 96.0% 90.3%
Gatwick Express 91.7% 71.0%
Great Northern 91.8% 79.6%
Total 91.7% 81.0%