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Going out with friends? Your adventures start by train. Travel together and save money on your tickets and pay no booking fees!

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Save money when travelling together

Whether it’s a work trip with colleagues, a getaway with friends, or a family holiday, booking group train tickets with us can work out cheaper than getting your tickets separately. Our GroupSave tickets save you a whopping 34% when you travel in a group of 3-9 adults.

When can we use our GroupSave tickets?

You can use your group train tickets at Off-Peak times. This means outside busy times on weekdays, and all day on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Because the savings with your GroupSave ticket are so good, unfortunately Railcards cannot be used for additional discounts.

For your ticket to be valid your whole group must travel together on the same train. It’s important to know that there are some days when GroupSave cannot be used on some services, for example when there are major events taking place.

Can children travel with the GroupSave tickets?

Yes. If you are wanting to travel as a family with a GroupSave ticket you can do.

Also for each adult in the group:

  • up to two children under the age of 5 can travel free
  • up to four children aged between 5 and 15 can travel for just £2 on selected journeys

What ticket is the GroupSave discount valid on?

You can get benefit from our GroupSave discount on the following tickets:

  • Anytime Day Single (at Off-Peak times)
  • Off-Peak Day & Super Off Peak Day Single & Return
  • Off-Peak Day & Super Off Peak Day Travelcard from outside London
  • Off-Peak Return

How do I get the GroupSave discount?

Booking your GroupSave tickets is simple and easy. When you book online as a group we’ll automatically apply your GroupSave discount for you, and you will be eligible for a money back guarantee.

GroupSave is also available from our ticket offices, but if you are travelling in a large group please purchase your tickets in advance of your date of travel.

If you are paying for your booking by credit/debit card you will need to collect and pay for your tickets at one of our stations.

Restrictions on group bookings

You can’t use GroupSave tickets during weekday peak times.

If any of your group has a railcard, it can’t be used to get an extra discount on your GroupSave ticket.

The whole group has to travel together on the same train (including journeys where you change trains).

The terms and conditions on the National Rail website tell you more about when you can use group tickets.

Travelling with 10 or more people?

When travelling in a large group on our services, your best-value option is often to split the group into multiple smaller groups of 3-9. This way you might be eligible to save 34% with GroupSave. When buying online, you can only initially select up to 9 passengers, but once this group has been added to basket, just click “add another journey” and you can repeat the process. You can add up to 50 tickets to your basket, to be processed in one payment. If you are travelling in a group with children, you also have a couple of alternatives to save:

  • Children under 5 travel free
  • Up to 4 children 5-15yrs can travel for £2 on most journeys across our network, when travelling with a fee paying adult at Off-Peak times
  • If neither of the above apply, then children 5-15 will also receive 50% off the adult fare

The great news is that depending on the composition of your group, our booking engine will automatically select the best value option for you.

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