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Our Twitter account is active 24/7. Learn more about what we can help you with when you reach out on Twitter.

What we can help you with on Twitter

Our trained tweeters have their fingers on the keyboard 24/7 every single day except Christmas. We’re ready to provide you with:

  • latest travel information
  • answers to questions
  • travel advice
  • a bit of a friendly chat

As well as keeping you up-to-date on how our trains are running, we like to hear and share good news as well. Twitter is also about having fun and we appreciate the wit and humour of our followers too.

Join the conversation – Follow @SouthernRailUK

What our Twitter can't help with

Twitter is great for quick questions and news updates. But when things get too complicated for 140 characters – such as detailed questions about policies or procedures – we may have to refer you to our Customer Services team.


There are also times when we’re getting too many comments to respond to. This can happen during times of major disruption. In times like those, we will let you know on Twitter and provide a link to our live running webpage and we’ll focus on responses which benefit the greatest number of passengers. So do please bear with us if we can’t respond to your particular question.

Finally, if your question isn’t related to train running information or general issues, we may need to direct you to another team at Southern.

Practising good Twitter etiquette

We always aim to be polite and considerate to our followers, and we ask that you communicate with us in the same way. While we understand that it can be frustrating when things go wrong, we won’t engage with Tweets that are abusive.


In cases of repeated or sustained abuse, we may have no choice but to block an account. But we hope this won’t be necessary. Keep it friendly and we’ll be here to help.

Please don’t take or post photographs of staff or name them on Twitter. If this happens, we will kindly ask you to remove the post. If you wish to make a complaint against a member of staff, please contact Customer Services