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Two people sitting in a train carriage


A railcard can save you 1/3 off many tickets – and there’s a wide range of railcards to choose from.

Get discounts with your railcard

Important notice: If you’re having trouble buying a Railcard online and you’re due to travel shortly, you can buy most 1-year Railcards at any staffed National Rail ticket office (see individual Railcard websites for details). If you’re having issues with your existing Railcard, please contact the Railcard Team on Twitter, Facebook, 0345 3000 250 or For more info please visit:

A railcard can save you up to 1/3 off a wide variety of tickets, including some of those bought for journey’s using Southern Railway. Most Railcards cost £30 for a year and can be purchased online or from your local station.

Find out all about the different types of Railcards and see which one suits you best using the handy information below.

If you have a Key Smartcard with keyGo, you can also add your Railcard to your keyGo account. Easily Pay-as-you-go with your Key Smartcard, and we will discount your fare on your keyGo journeys.

If you are a keyGo customer you can save money with keyGo weekly capping. Make as many journeys as you like between two stations on our network across the week (04:30 Monday – 04:29 Monday) and only pay the equivalent weekly season price.

Veterans railcard

Save 1/3 on rail fares with a Veterans Railcard. Nominate a travel companion and they'll get 1/3 off when travelling with you, plus up to 4 children save 60%

16-25 Railcard

Regularly commute to school, college or work? This Railcard is perfect if you are aged between 16 and 25, or if you’re a full-time student over 25 years old.