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Protecting people and journeys

Protecting people

Did you know that on average, over four hundred passenger trains are delayed every day across the UK because of people trespassing onto the railway? For our services alone, customers experienced the equivalent of 57 days of delay in 2019 resulting from trespass. Whether its taking a shortcut, vandalism or theft, or vulnerable people in emotional distress, trespass is one of the largest causes of delay and far too often ends in tragic consequences for families across the UK.

We work closely with Network Rail and others to reduce trespass in all its forms.

Find out more about Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern’s efforts to transform lives and communities.

Transforming lives and communities

Network Rail’s safety campaigns

Protecting journeys

Weather and climate change resilience

Network Rail, Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern are all working together to limit the impact of extreme weather on our customers and to prepare the railway for the impact of climate change. You can find out more about current work here

Preventing bridge strikes, level crossing misuse and delays to the railway

Across the UK, on an average day, 5 drivers of large vehicles put themselves and users of the railway at risk by striking railway bridges and missuse of level crossings can result in accidents and delays.

You can find out more about Network Rail’s work to reduce bridge strikes and improve level crossing safety at:

The risk of bridge strikes

Level crossings

What Network Rail are doing

We work in collaboration with Network Rail to minimise disruption to your journey and get you to your destination safely and on time