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First Class

Most Southern trains have First Class seats.

Our First Class travel experience

Do you want to enjoy a more comfortable experience during your journey? If so, why not upgrade to First Class.

What First Class train ticket options are available?

You will be happy to know there are First Class options for the majority of our daily ticket types and Travelcards. This includes some of our season ticket options too.

How do I book my First Class ticket?

It’s simple and easy to book a First Class train ticket for your next journey. Just choose the First Class option when you buy or book online using our quick booking system.

Trains with First Class

Southern services on our longer distance routes have first class accommodation. Routes with and without first class are shown below. Where first class is available, this will be clearly indicated by signage on the relevant carriages. On routes served by Thameslink trains, first class accommodation can be found at the very front of the train. The first class compartment at the rear of Thameslink trains is always declassified.

Routes with first class operate between;

  • Brighton and London
  • Portsmouth Harbour/Portsmouth & Southsea/Bognor Regis and London
  • Southampton Central/Bognor Regis and London
  • Southampton Central and Brighton
  • Eastbourne/Ore/Seaford and London
  • Brighton and Hastings/Ore
  • East Grinstead and London
  • Uckfield and London
  • Hemel Hempstead/Watford Junction and East Croydon
  • Reigate and London
  • Tonbridge and Redhill/Reigate

Routes with standard class only operate between;

  • Eastbourne and Ashford International
  • Portsmouth Harbour/Portsmouth & Southsea and Brighton (First Class is de-classified)
  • Brighton and Littlehampton
  • Portsmouth Harbour/Portsmouth & Southsea and Littlehampton (First Class is de-classified)
  • Brighton and Seaford
  • Horsham and London (via Dorking)
  • Caterham/Tattenham Corner and London
  • Beckenham Junction and London
  • Epsom and London
  • Epsom Downs and London
  • Sutton to London
  • West Croydon to London
  • Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

A number of stations are served by trains operating on different routes, some with and some without first class. We strongly recommend that you check in advance whether your planned service operates with first class or not. The easiest way to check is through our timetables pages.

If you have purchased a first class ticket, your journey is entirely on the Southern or Thameslink route and:

  • The first class accommodation is declassified, or
  • The first class accommodation at the front of the train is full and you are unable to find a first class seat

You can claim the appropriate difference between the standard and first class fare using our First Class claim form.

Wheelchair spaces are available within standard class accommodation only.

Remember to purchase your First Class ticket before you board as our staff can’t swap your ticket from Standard Class to First Class on the train.  Travelling in First Class without a valid First Class ticket, may result in a penalty fare.

Book First Class now

Brighton to London Victoria

Advance Single (1st Class)

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Chichester to London Victoria

Off-Peak Day Return (1st Class)

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Eastbourne to London Victoria

Anytime Day Return (1st Class)

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Can I upgrade my existing train ticket?

Yes absolutely! If you’re travelling on a weekday you can upgrade to First Class from your Standard Class ticket by visiting the ticket office in the station. It’s important to remember that you must do this before you board one of our trains as the staff on the train cannot upgrade your ticket, but they can sell you a brand-new First-Class ticket.

Whilst if you're travelling on Southern trains at the weekend and public holidays; we offer a Weekend First Upgrade.

Southern Weekend First Upgrades are available from the On-Board Supervisor or Conductor on your train, subject to available space.

We kindly ask that you travel in the specified class carriage that is on your ticket, even if you’re planning on getting a First Class ticket when you’re on the train. We really don’t want you to get a Penalty Fare. Please note that wheelchair spaces are available within standard class accommodation only.

How much will my First Class ticket be?

Our First Class rail tickets vary in price depending on how far in advance you are able to book and the time at which you travel. First Class fares are available on journeys such as Brighton to London Victoria, with our great value Advance Single (1st Class) ticket starting from as little as £19.00!

What if i've paid for a first class ticket and there are no seats left or a member of staff declassifies first class– what can I do?

If you have a first class ticket but there are no first class seats available on your train or first class has been declassified by our staff, you can claim a refund of the difference between the first class and the standard class ticket for the relevant part of your journey.

To claim your refund apply using our simple online form.

You need to do this within 28 days of the journey concerned.