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Parking at the train station

Find out where to go for full details of our station car parks and for information on parking at our station if you have accessibility needs.

Car parks at our stations

There are car parks at a lot of our stations, and it’s usually quick and easy to pay for parking.

You can buy a one day E-ticket, a book of multiple daily tickets or season tickets of various lengths.

Find out more about the car parks on the Saba website.

Barnham to Havant improvement work

A nine-day line closure will take place in October/November 2019 affecting the West Coastway between Barnham and Havant. Throughout the work there will be no Southern train services between Havant and Portsmouth or Southampton.

Customers who hold a monthly or longer Car Park season ticket for Barnham or Chichester will be able to use Arundel or Bognor Regis station car parks at no extra charge. Customers without a Car Park season ticket who choose to drive to alternative car parks should pay the appropriate day parking rate for that car park.

More information about the improvement works can be found on our Barnham to Havant improvement work page.

Car park closures

We are working with Network Rail to refresh the surfacing on many of our station car parks and approach roads. For safety reasons it will be necessary for the car parks to be closed during the works.

Car park closure timetable and FAQs

Station car park and road closures for car park resurfacing

Station car park Location Car park closes from 11pm on: Car park reopens from 04:00 on:
Reigate Car Park (back end) Friday 13 December Monday 16 December
Reigate Car Park (front end) Friday 10 January Monday 13 January
Bexhill Car Park Friday 17 January Monday 20 January
Rye Car Park Friday 17 January Monday 20 January
Cheam Car Park  Friday 17 January Monday 20 January
Rye Car Park Friday 24 January Monday 27 January
Cheam Car Park Friday 24 January Monday 27 January

Frequently asked questions

Why are we doing this now?
Network Rail have made funding available for a reduced period of time to refresh the surfacing on many of our station car parks and approach roads.

What exactly are the doing?
The team will be preparing all sites for resurfacing which may include the installation of new kerb lines or new drainage channels. Once complete the surface will be planed/milled with a minimum of 4cm of the surface completely removed before being resurfaced with new tarmac. To complete the works new thermoplastic line markings will be applied.

Who are the contractors?
Network Rail have appointed Volkerfitzpatrick to undertake these works.

Who do customers complain to? Is it Saba?
No, if customers have any comments these should be directed to Network Rail who are the scheme sponsors.  Saba will be working, as always, on our behalf to assist Network Rails contractors where possible to reduce any inconvenience to our customers.

When are the works?
The works commence from 9 November and are scheduled to finish on 27 January 2020

Will the car parks be open during the work?
No, for safety reasons it will be necessary for the car parks to be closed during the works. We have attempted where possible to limit these closures to weekends but there will be some Friday closures at smaller locations. These will be advertised in advance to alert customers.

Where do customers park during the works?
In some instances parking will still be available on our leased areas and signage and communication to drivers will indicate this, otherwise we are not directing customers to alternative locations but will leave this choice to the customer. The work at weekends should minimise those requiring parking.

Where do staff park during the works?
Unfortunately we will be unable to differentiate between staff and customers and during the closure at each site staff may also have to find another suitable location to park. In some cases access to the car parks or station front will be accessible.

What about cars parked on the roads/in the car parks when the work is due to start?
Prior communication will centre around customers being instructed to remove all cars from the work areas prior to commencement. Cars that are still in situ inside the defined work time will be removed/relocated to another position to allow the works to be undertaken. Our terms and conditions of our parking allow us to remove/relocate vehicles if they are causing an obstruction. Photographs of the vehicle before and after any relocation will be taken by the contractor to avoid any claims of damage or compensation.

Do customers with permits get compensation?
No, Indigo can answer any claims of this nature, but we are not automatically compensating customers for the loss of weekend parking.

Will we get more parking spaces?
We will look where possible to maximise the space at each site and increase the number of bays if appropriate and applicable. In most cases we will not get more spaces but better definition of bays and a far superior and safer surface

Will the bays be made larger?
No, to enable us to maintain the number of spaces at each site we have asked the contractors to replace the number of bays that were in place prior to the works.

What about other car parks that need resurfacing?
All resurfacing is the responsibility of Network Rail and they will resurface car parks if their asset team feel that this is appropriate. Any surfacing issues should be faulted to the Facilities Help Desk in the first instance.

Is the working taking place during the days or at night?
The heavy duty works such as planning will be undertaken during the day but resurfacing (tarmac laying) and lining may also be done at night to limit the amount of time the car parks are closed for.

Are they allowed to do this work at night, will it not be noisy?
Network Rail will apply for a 'Section 61 agreement' to allow them to do certain works at night even in residential areas. Network Rail will also be responsible for communicating to local residents and businesses affected by the works. Their contractor will support with this.

Will roads be closed and how do people get around?
Some roads will be affected and, in some cases, closed for parts of the working periods to ensure the timely completion of the works and also the safe working arena. Network Rail and their on-site contractors will assist road users with alternative routes during the works and also with safe access/egress where required.

Blue Badge parking

We want our stations to be accessible to all our customers. So you’ll find Blue Badge parking at all of our station car parks.

Learn more about car accessibility