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Season ticket calculator

Make the same trip by rail twice a week (or more)? Don't spend more than you have to. Use our season ticket calculator and see how much you could save.

What season ticket is right for me?

Select your route and how often you plan to travel, and the calculator will show our different ticket options. Find the one that best suits you.  You can also find out more about our other ticket types here.

If you’re travelling on the same journey twice a week or more, a Season Ticket may be the best value ticket. We have several types of Season Tickets that could be suitable for you, all with unlimited journeys between the stations you select. Kindly note that the Flexi Season Ticket is not available on all journeys.

When the tickets are valid


Flexi Season Tickets allow travel on any 8 days and are valid within a period of 28-days, between the two stations you have chosen.

7-Day Season Tickets are valid for any consecutive 7 days and you may make some savings, in case you travel three or more times a week.

A Monthly Season Ticket is valid for a full calendar month. In case you need a longer time period you can ask for the specific number of months and additional days needed, creating a Custom Season Ticket ‑ all at the same discounted rate.

For even bigger savings, you can go for an Annual Season Ticket, if you’re going to be buying Monthly (or equivalent) tickets for 10 months or more. As it’s valid for a full calendar year, you effectively get 12 weeks of free travel.

Do you travel 3 days per week?

If you are travelling 3 days per week, you will need more than one Flexi Season Ticket in a month. Flexi Season Tickets are valid for up to 28 days so any days travel unused can be used in the following calendar month. This is not reflected in the Calculator when a 3 day per week work pattern is selected for an odd number of months (i.e. 1, 3, 5 etc).

For a comparable Price per Day, please select an even (i.e. 2, 4, 6 etc) number of months.

Total period cost

Please note annual leave is not factored into the calculation of the Total period cost. For 12 calendar months of travel, the Flexi Season ticket Total period cost will vary depending on how many days a week you plan to travel.

For travel up to 2 days a week for 12 calendar months, the calculation for the Total period cost is based on 12 x Flexi Season tickets. If you plan to travel more than 2 days a week for 12 calendar months, more than 12 Flexi Season tickets will be needed and the calculation for the Total period cost will reflect that.

Cost per Day

The Season Ticket Calculator works out what the cost per day of travel is on average, based on your answers. The more you travel, the better value for money a Season Ticket is.

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak fares

Please note the calculator only compares season tickets and does not offer a full comparison of all fares available for your journey, especially if you travel at Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak times, as these fares are not included.

Check before you travel

Remember to check before you travel, and before buying a season ticket, as there may be some engineering works that could affect your journey.


The prices of Season Tickets in the calculator reflect the current fares. Remember that when buying a Season Ticket you can travel at that current price for the whole validity of your Season Ticket, regardless of any future price increases during its validity.


Season Ticket prices may not always include cross-London or Underground travel, unless it’s a Travelcard. London Pay-As-You-Go fares are not included either in the Season Ticket Calculator.