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Last updated: 01:26

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You cannot have more than 9 passengers


You cannot have more railcards than passengers

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Booking tickets for a work outing? Going on a fun day out with friends or getting the old gang back together? Travel together and save money on your tickets.

Save money on group bookings

Your journey on Southern can work out cheaper if you’re travelling with friends.

GroupSave gives you a 34% discount when you travel in a group of 3-9 adults, at Off-Peak times – that’s outside busy times on weekdays, and all day on weekends and Bank Holidays.

For each adult in the group up to two children under 5 can travel free and up to four aged between 5 and 15 travel for just £2.

You’ll get the GroupSave discount on these tickets:

  • Anytime Single (at Off-Peak times)
  • Off-Peak Day Return
  • Off-Peak Day Single
  • Off-Peak Day Travelcards outside London
  • Super Off-Peak

When you book online as a group we’ll automatically apply your GroupSave discount.

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Groups of 20 or more

If you’re travelling in a group of 20 or more, our group booking service can help you to find the best deal. Contact them on:

We’ll make sure the discount applies for your planned travel, and check which trains have enough seats for your group.

Restrictions on group bookings

You can’t use GroupSave tickets during weekday peak times.

Railcards can’t be used for additional discounts on your GroupSave ticket.

Your whole group has to travel together on the same trains, even if the journey involves changing trains.

There are some days when GroupSave can’t be used on some services – for example when there are major events. See restrictions for the next 12 weeks.

Terms and conditions

  1. Full terms and conditions are available at your local station
  2. GroupSave fares are based on groups of three to nine people travelling together at all times. You can’t travel separately at any time. If you do, you could get a penalty fare
  3. You can use GroupSave discount tickets in London and the South East with Great Northern, Thameslink, Greater Anglia, c2c, Chiltern Railways, Gatwick Express, Great Western Railway, Island Line, London Midland, London Overground, Southeastern, South Western Railway, and Southern
  4. Your railcard can’t get you any further discounts on GroupSave tickets
  5. GroupSave is valid on Off-Peak Day Returns and Super Off-Peak Day Returns, for returns on the same day, subject to morning and evening peak travel time restrictions
  6. GroupSave is valid on Off-Peak Day Travelcard and Super Off Peak Day Travelcards for travel only from stations outside of the London area. You can’t buy them in the London Fares Zones 1-6
  7. You can use GroupSave on Off-Peak returns for return within one calendar month, subject to morning and evening peak travel time restrictions
  8. You won’t be able to use GroupSave at some stations during major events: for more information, visit the National Rail website
  9. Child £2 fares aren’t valid on Gatwick Express services
  10. Child £2 fares aren't valid on Great Northern, Greater Anglia, c2c, Chiltern Railways, Great Western Railway, Island Line, London Midland, London Overground, Southeastern and South Western Railway except for travel within London Fares Zones 1-6 with an Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak Day Travelcard

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