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Season tickets

Make your regular journey cheaper and simpler by opting for a weekly, monthly or annual season ticket.

Saving with season tickets

Make the same journey by train three or more times a week?

If you do you could find that a weekly, monthly or annual season ticket gives you a cheaper, convenient alternative to daily tickets.

You can choose between weekly, monthly or annual tickets – the longer the ticket lasts, the more you could save. If a monthly or annual ticket is too long or too short you can choose a period that suits you – for example five weeks or seven months.

You can choose different season ticket options depending on what suits you best.

  • Point to Point Seasons: Travel between two named stations.
  • Travelcard Seasons: Get unlimited train, tube, bus and tram travel within London Fares Zones.

Your season ticket means you’re free to break your journey at any station along the route of your season ticket.

Your season ticket’s a valuable asset, so you need to carry a valid Photocard with you when you travel – and it can’t be used by anyone else.

Find out how much you can save with the National Rail Season Ticket Calculator.

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Annual season tickets

If you can pay for all your train travel for a year, you’ll save even more in the long run.

With an annual season ticket you pay for 40 weeks and get 12 weeks free: that’s a saving of 23% over the cost of a weekly season ticket.

You can buy annual season tickets online or from your local ticket office. If you’re buying online, your ticket must start within two weeks of the date you buy it.

Annual Gold Card

When you buy an annual season ticket you may automatically qualify for a Gold Card, which you can use to get:

  • 1/3 off many fares, including Anytime and Off-Peak tickets and Travelcards for yourself and up to three adults for travel after 9.30am weekdays and any time at weekends and on public holidays
  • 60% off child fares – for up to 4 children
  • a one-year railcard for £10

To qualify for a Gold Card, both your origin and destination stations on your season ticket must be within the Gold Card area.

Find out more about applying for an Annual Gold Card.

Brighton to London

Weekly Season Travelcard

Buy tickets from £111.70

Horsham to London

Monthly season ticket

Buy tickets from £401.30

East Grinstead to London Victoria

Annual season ticket

Buy tickets from £2,728

Monthly season tickets

Buy monthly for flexibility and savings.

This is a good way of saving money while spreading your travel costs over time – for example, you can renew your ticket after you get paid each month.

You can buy your monthly season ticket online or from a ticket office. If you’ve registered online or you use the key smartcard, you can also use ticket machines.

If the start date is a Saturday, Sunday or Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday) you can buy your ticket from noon on the previous Friday. If the start date is any other day you can buy your ticket after noon of the previous day.

If you are renewing your monthly season ticket, where there is no break between tickets, you can buy your ticket up to seven days in advance.

Weekly season tickets

The flexible option – a weekly season

Why pay every day, if a weekly ticket will cost you less overall?

Weekly season tickets are usually cheaper than five separate day returns, and weekends are included too.

You can buy a new weekly season ticket online and collect it from a Southern station vending machine the same day – or simply buy it at a ticket machine or ticket office. If you want it to start on a Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday) you can buy it from 06:00 the previous Sunday.

You can renew a weekly season ticket from noon on Friday to start the following Sunday or Monday (or Tuesday after a Bank Holiday). If the start day is any other day you can buy your ticket after noon the previous day.

Custom season tickets

Need a season ticket for between a month and a year? Just enter the period you need it for and we’ll calculate the savings precisely to the day. 

It’s cheaper than buying multiple monthly season tickets.

Renew your season ticket the Smart way

The Key Smartcard is an easier and faster way to buy, renew and use your train ticket. It’s completely free, won't wear out, and comes with lots of additional benefits

Buying your season ticket

There are a few things to remember when you buy or renew your season ticket online:

  • Your season ticket must start within two weeks of the date you buy it
  • Monthly and annual season tickets are sent by post, so allow five working days for delivery
  • You can collect a weekly season ticket at the station, so it can start the next day

You’ll need a valid Photocard when you buy or collect your season ticket at the station.

Looking after your season ticket

If you’ve got a paper Season ticket it has a magnetic strip containing information that allows you to use automatic ticket barriers at the stations.

To avoid wiping the information on your ticket you need to keep it away from other magnetic items such as bank cards, oyster cards and phones.

If your ticket no longer opens the barriers you can have your monthly or longer season ticket re-issued at any of our Ticket Offices.

A good option is to use our key smartcard for your season ticket. Here the information is held within plastic and metal technology that is highly secure and doesn’t need a magnetic strip, so your Season ticket works the barriers time after time. Find out more about the key

Paying by cheque

You can’t use a personal cheque to pay at ticket offices – but you can use a debit or credit card or cash.

Company cheques for annual season tickets

Company cheques are only accepted at Ticket Offices in payment for Annual season tickets only and only in the following circumstances:

If the ticket is a new issue (first purchase) the customer must produce two forms of ID:

  1. Photo ID such as a driving licence or passport
  2. A seperate ID from those detailed above which verifies the customers home address

If the ticket is a renewal of an existing Annual season ticket paid for by cheque, it can be issued without further verification.

The cheque should be made payable to Govia Thameslink Railway Limited.

Have a valid Photocard?

Buy or renew your season ticket online now