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Learn more about bringing luggage on board our trains, from finding step-free stations to booking help with bags as a disabled passenger.

Baggage, bikes and step-free access

Some of our stations have step-free access, but not all as yet – so bear this in mind if you're carrying heavy luggage. You can check what facilities are available in our station information.

You can usually bring a bike on board, but there are some restrictions on peak time services if you can’t fold your bike up. Read more about bringing bikes on our trains.

As always, try to keep your luggage with you – it’s up to you to keep an eye on your things at the station and on the train.

For safety reasons, we ask that you avoid blocking the aisle with your bags. Where available, we recommend you keep your bags stowed away safely in the overhead shelf or luggage racks.

Do make sure you take your items with you when you leave the train.

Help with luggage if you’re disabled

We can help you with your luggage if you’re disabled.

Try to give us at least one day’s notice so we can arrange for someone to give you a hand when you travel with us.

Please keep in mind that we cannot help with heavy bags. We’re also unable to help carry your luggage out of the station.

Book help with your luggage

To ask for help, simply fill in our assisted travel booking form.