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Find out how Southern customers use our assisted travel service, Priority Seat card and other support options.

My name is Fiona. I live near Bexhill with my husband and one of my daughters. I have a lot of varied interests, including art, history and travelling.

Travelling by train is really important to me in my life – it allows me still to be independent. It allows me to go to places that I can’t otherwise go to – I find it very difficult to drive, so the train allows me to go places. It allows me to travel all over the country by train and it’s just wonderful. It just gives me freedom.

A really good experience I had when travelling on the trains was when I recently travelled from Polegate to Liverpool. I booked assistance at very short notice, less than 24 hours, and when I got to the station they were waiting for me, expecting me.

My case was carried over onto the other platform, I was found a seat, the man said he would come back for me when the train arrived. And he did, which was just great. He came back for me and said I would be met at Victoria. I got to Victoria the buggy was waiting for me – it’s just so wonderful not to have to walk down the platform as I get tired easily.

For more information about booking assistance, contact the Assisted Travel team.