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a group of people on a beach near a body of water

Explore Hastings seafront this summer

The beautiful Hastings seafront makes for the perfect backdrop to a great day out with the family.

Filled with opportunities for entertainment, relaxation and other leisurely activities, you won’t find it hard to discover something fun to do here. 

The only problem you’ll have is deciding which attractions you can fit into your jam-packed adventure to the Hastings seafront! To help, here are our top things to do at the Hastings seafront.

a large body of water

Take a trip to the beach 

One of the biggest attractions of the Hasting seafront is the beach, which always makes for the perfect day out. Made up of a mixture of sand and sea-smoothed pebbles, you can kick your shoes off and run around to your heart’s content. 

Take a picnic and enjoy the gorgeous sea views as you dig into your tasty lunch, then go for a dip in the blue sea to complete a great day out at the beach.

a group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a sandy beach

Explore the promenade 

 The Hastings seafront and promenade span 3.2 miles and the pleasant walk towards the business end of the beach is enjoyed by many throughout the year. Take refuge in the Hastings seafront arcades or find great places to eat as you catch your breath at different intervals along the way. 

The Hastings promenade and seafront is the ideal location to use as a base for your day trip, with it being just a short walk from the train station. With frequent trains to Hastings throughout the day, you’ll be able to travel here in comfort and style ready for your grand day out.

a bridge over a body of water

Get competitive at crazy golf

Perhaps one of the most exciting Hasting seafront activities is crazy golf at Hastings Adventure Golf. Take your pick from three available courses including Adventure, Crazy and Pirate and see who’s perfected their putting skills within your family.

Serving up great food and drink to enjoy as you take on the trio of 18-hole courses, you’ll be entertained for hours when you visit this fun-filled spot on the Hastings seafront.

a close up of a toy

Witness a movie being made 

The Hastings seafront is so beautiful that it has been used as a filming location for many movies and television shows over the years including The Monuments Men which saw legendary actor George Clooney walking on the Hastings seafront and promenade. 

When you visit, be sure to look out for big filming productions and you might just witness the next blockbuster movie being created. 

a couple of people that are standing in the sand on a beach

Discover the UK this summer

A place where nature and adventure unite, offering breathtaking coastal views, serene countryside walks, and vibrant local culture, perfect for your summer escape.

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