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Getting from A to B couldn’t be simpler with Southern trains from Hove to Chichester. With plenty of services throughout the day, simply take in the sights during the journey along the south coast with no changes to worry about. So, put your feet up, take in the coastal views and dodge the car ride. You can book your train tickets from Hove to Chichester right here on the site and check timings for today’s journeys via the ticker below.


Tips on how to book cheaper train tickets

Timing’s everything

Book your train tickets from Hove to Chichester today at Off-Peak times and you’ll benefit from cheaper fares and quieter carriages.

Travel with us often?

If so, get a Railcard with us an save up to 1/3 off the journeys you take on the tracks.

No booking fees to be found here

Go somewhere else for your tickets and you might just find some pesky booking or admin fees tacked onto your fair. No need to worry about that with us.

Buy online and get the best deals

No booking fees, and collect from any station in the UK